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pfsense starlink dishy v2

PFSense with Starlink Failover Setup Guide

Here we will go through my setup of a Starlink Dishy V2 into my existing home network. Starlink will operate as my failover WAN connection in the event my primary goes down. Important Links: Starlink Track – Firmware Sources: Starlink V2 on a Complex pfSense Configuration – Install as Fail-Over […]

Automower Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and regular maintenance is an important part in keeping your lawnmower healthy. Here is the recommended maintenance that I follow to keep my lawn robot healthy and happy.

Automower 430XH Power Issues

After a large tropical storm, my automower stopped functioning properly. The dock wasn’t receiving power and the unit was reporting constant CHARGING, though not on the dock. Continue reading to see the troubleshooting and resolution steps followed.


Meraki MR46E with MA-MNT-ANT-3 Mounted

Mounting the Meraki MR46E with MA-MNT-ANT-3 External Antenna As technical professionals, we often encounter challenges when it comes to installing and mounting wireless access points in industrial settings. Recently, we encountered an issue when trying to mount the traditional Meraki MR46E with an MA-MNT-ANT-3 external antenna in our warehouse. The […]

Beginners Guide to Farming CHIA XCH on Ubuntu

Chia-The encrypted project of✅Bittorrent creator and ✅Steam game distribution protocol developer Bram Cohen! Received institutional investment from ✅A16Z✅DCM✅Danhua Capital // UPDATE // Please read this writeup from BackBlaze regarding the profitability of Chia. After mining on 8TB for ~2 months I never saw any wins. Pools are just now starting […]

AZ-900 Study Guide Material

I’m using this as my study guide, shared with the world. https://www.examtopics.com/exams/microsoft/az-900/https://www.examtopics.com/ https://www.udemy.com/course/az900-azure https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-900 AZ-900 Exam Reference Guide – Jaelae https://www.thomasmaurer.ch/2020/12/how-to-learn-microsoft-azure-in-2021/ https://vladtalkstech.com/az-900-study-guide-microsoft-azure-fundamentals https://www.reddit.com/r/InternetIsBeautiful/comments/keiwu7/most_of_the_courses_on_coursera_created_by_the/ http://practicelabs.com   AZ-900 Course from AzureCertification Passed the AZ-900 by studying for a month from AzureCertification Free Azure Lab Simulations for Exam Preparation from AZURE  

Konnected Pro

DSC PC1550 Upgrade Konnected Pro – HASSIO

During my transition from OpenHab2 to HomeAssistant, I found myself looking at my aging DSC PC1550 wired alarm system. Goal: Replace my functioning, but offline DSC PC1550 alarm. I wanted push notifications via telegram and audible alerting when doors are opened/closed/left open. This needed to fold into my existing smarthome […]

Installing ssacli – view raid ESXI 6.5

Goal: To have the ability to monitor the RAID status without rebooting. The setup: HP Z400 workstation P410 HP Smart Array ICY 6-bay cage 6 SATA disks After some troubleshooting, I found that in order to view the raid configuration for the P410 on the HP z400 the utility i […]

Installing hpacucli on Proxmox

Goal: To have the ability to monitor the RAID status without rebooting. The setup: HP Z400 workstation P410 HP Smart Array ICY 6-bay cage 6 SATA disks I found that there was a supported utility for the Z400 machine, hpacucli[1]http://www.datadisk.co.uk/html_docs/redhat/hpacucli.htm. The  hpacucli is available for linux or as a vib[2]https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_0838c22ed1c345968031a22ba0. […]

Finding your node name Graylog 2.2.x

I found it odd I wasn’t able to locate standard node information from the Graylog dashboard under ‘System/Nodes’. After some research I found that you can locate your Graylog Node name (and additional information regarding your cluster) by navigating to the following page: