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Finding active ports using netstat

very simple. make a note of the sqlsrvr.exe PID from taskmanager then run this command:
netstat -ano | findstr *PID*
it will show TCP and UDP connections of your SQL server (including ports) standard is 1433 for TCP and 1434 for UDP

Useful Exchange Powershell Commands

Exchange 2007 Exchange 2007 view database sizes

List all AD users in the domain and export to CSV:

Exchange 2010 Check if database is mounted:

Check database name/server/size.

Display the existing state of the queue (exports)

Display database that the user is a member of: […]

AIX 5.3 Kill Proc

I began receiving alerts that my CPU utilization was peaking 1.25. Obviously this was not common for my build and I began inspecting. I ran the first command


If you wanted to sort it by the top 10 processes you can use the following: