Veeam 9.x PSSnapIn failure


Installed Veeam 9 Backup and Recovery. Installed the Veeam Powershell after a couple days of demoing. When launching the Veeam powershell module via Veeam menu it opens[1] and works just fine. However when attempting to launch the Veeamssnapin using the command ‘Add-PsSnapIn VeeamPSSnapIn’ I received an error (below). As you can see, when running ‘get-pssnapin’ Veeam isn’t listed.


  • Install latest version of Powershell (see below)
  • Run ‘add-pssnapin veeampssnapin’ via Veeam powershell module from GUI

I attempted many steps to resolve, check sources.

  • Backing up registry and using the infamous ‘registry key fix’ unsuccessfully[2]
  • Installing the toolkit ps in the original installer ISO
  • Updating Powershell from 2.0[3]

The actual solution for my instance was that I was on powershell version2 coupled with an additional undocumented step for adding the plugin since I’m on 9.x. You can verify your powershell[4] version by running the command:


After you have 3.0+ installed (I installed 4.0) I launched Veeam application and ran command ‘add-pssnapin veeampssnapin’, then launched standard PS to confirm and it worked without issues.




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