Useful PFSense commands

Here are some commands that I’ve compiled over my time working with pfsense.

Description Command
Reload the Firewall with all the configuration. This also restarts the webgui and sshd – but keeps the current ssh sessions active just as a regular sshd restart. /etc/rc.reload_all
Manually edit the configuration in /conf/config.xml. Once file has been saved and editor exited, the /tmp/config.cache is removed so the next config reload event will load config.xml, not the cached version. You could run the next command to trigger an instant reload. viconfig                                                                                                 
Shows the current state table pfctl -ss
Shows current filter rules pfctl -sr
Show as much as possible. pfctl -sa
Shows current NAT rules pfctl -sn
Activate the pf packet filter – enables all fw functions pfctl -e
Deactivate the pf packet filter – disables all fw functions pfctl -d


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