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The incomplete path to a syslog

The path to a great syslog! My first full-fledged syslog deployment should be interesting, and an educational read for anyone who’s on a similar path. If you do not already know what a syslog is, I suggest you do some research. When you’re ready please come back.

Parallels RAS Remote Desktop Client – mass management

The ability to make mass changes to our kiosk mode workstations. We have hundreds of workstations with Parallels RAS installed on them in kiosk mode (their own shell). Parallels offers no direct method to mass update client settings or local applications. Applies for v14.x and 15.x.

How to setup Mesh – Ruckus Unleashed

I’m familiar with Ruckus equipment as I have them deployed in an enterprise environment with a controller. Fantastic products. Some executives needed solid wireless in their homes and I thought what better than an R500 ruckus WAP? A few months ago Ruckus released a consumer/SMB model, Ruckus Unleashed. My guess is this was designed for small companies starting off with no controller giving them the scaling option to add a controller at a later date as they grow.