Parallels RAS Remote Desktop Client – mass management


The ability to make mass changes to our kiosk mode workstations. We have hundreds of workstations with Parallels RAS installed on them in kiosk mode (their own shell). Parallels offers no direct method to mass update client settings or local applications. Applies for v14.x and 15.x.


After some digging I found that Parallels uses a registry key to store all of this information. It’s the same information when exporting the client configuration into a .2xc[1] There are two different registry keys, one for v14.x and one for v15.x (after Parallels purchased 2x)[2]

You can use any preferred method, but I used this in conjunction with PDQ Deploy. Below is a .bat script I wrote to check for the version and install if it matches (for v15.x). Use at your own risk.

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