Installing ssacli – view raid ESXI 6.5

Goal: To have the ability to monitor the RAID status without rebooting.

The setup:

  • HP Z400 workstation
  • P410 HP Smart Array
  • ICY 6-bay cage
  • 6 SATA disks

After some troubleshooting, I found that in order to view the raid configuration for the P410 on the HP z400 the utility i needed was ssacli. This replaced the original hpacucli that I was unsuccessful in installing. When running hpacucli I was met with a wonderful message:

I eventually found that I needed to install ssacli. I searched HP’s website[1] (hopefully link still works) for ‘hpssacli’. I filtered it for ESXI 6.5 (running 6.5 u2) and landed here. Downloaded the .zip and used winscp to copy the zip file to /tmp/ssacli.


Check for the file and execute:

SSACLI Cheat Sheet – HPE Storage Controller Management (ssacli) |
PDF offline copy

4 thoughts on “Installing ssacli – view raid ESXI 6.5”

  1. You are awesome and saved me a ton of time and headache trying to monitor 4 P410 controllers on ESXi 6.5.

  2. Hello, do you know if drives have to be formated/converted to datastore with the P410 or can recognize the already datastores that are created with the another controller?

  3. I haven’t tested myself, personally. Typically, when you add drives to a raid new they’ll be wiped/initialized in the setup process. Check out HP’s documentation for the P410 and see how physical failure and replacement is handled. You may find that if the drives were setup on a p410 already you can swap in.

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