Beginners Guide to Farming CHIA XCH on Ubuntu

Chia-The encrypted project of✅Bittorrent creator and ✅Steam game distribution protocol developer Bram Cohen! Received institutional investment from ✅A16Z✅DCM✅Danhua Capital

// UPDATE //

Please read this writeup from BackBlaze regarding the profitability of Chia. After mining on 8TB for ~2 months I never saw any wins. Pools are just now starting up, but it’s becoming harder and harder to win as the storage pool rises.


  1. Installed OS
  2. Configured storage (temp/plot)
  3. Installed CHIA
  4. Activated CHIA
  5. Create plot
  6. Start CHIA farmer
  7. Troubleshooting, Tips, and Links

We’re going to walk through some of the basics of how to setup CHIA farm on Ubuntu and mining for XCH.

Configure Storage

This step I completed when installing the Ubuntu LTS OS. My setup consists of:

  • 2x – 4TB Western Digital Purple
  • 1x 480GB SSD
  • 1x HP RAID controller

Install Chia

I ended up configuring my two 4TB into a RAID-0 to form 8TB storage mapped to /chia_plot. My SSD storage was mounted and mapped to /chia_temp. This will be referenced later on.

Create plot

Start Chia Farmer

Troubleshooting, Tips, and Links

Access Logs and Mainnet files

View the log file output

Run command in background

Alternatively, you can install and run TMUX to manage multiple instances. See TMUX Cheatsheet[1]Tmux Cheat Sheet & Quick Reference

Continuously run

When a plot finishes, it doesn’t automatically get added to the farmer. You must restart the farmer. When a plot finishes, you must also create a new plot. I’m not sure if there is a better way, but I simply added && between my commands.  

To restart your farmer/node:


All in all it takes roughly 6-12 hours to complete a single plot. As I continue to make progress and win some of the blocks, I’ll update this post.

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